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Eleanor Piper
Upcoming Dates hosted by Eleanor Piper
Saturday the 29th of May 2021
Beginners Photography Class - Westgate Gardens - 9am - 3 hours
Westgate Gardens is a beautiful landscaped garden on the River Stour within walking distance of Canterbury City Centre.

It is the perfect location to brush up on your beginner photography skills in the summer, with brightly coloured flowers, lots of wildlife, medieval architecture, and even a 200 year old plane tree.
Instructor: Eleanor Piper
£48pp     only 4 places left - requires 3 bookings to proceed
Saturday the 12th of June 2021
Beginners Photography Class - No Man's Orchard, Chartham - 9am - 3 hours
No Man's Orchard is a 4.1-hectare Local Nature Reserve west of Canterbury. Old orchards are often excellent wildlife habitats for birds, insects, wild flowers and reptiles. The old trees are particularly notable for their lichens and mosses.

This class is designed to give you a solid understanding of the fundamental basics of
photography; the Ďnuts and boltsí stuff that will set you on the path to understanding your
camera and how to create great shots. Armed with these fundamentals, you will have the skills
and the confidence to approach any style of photography, from portraits to landscapes and
everything in between.
Instructor: Eleanor Piper
£48pp     only 6 places left - requires 3 bookings to proceed
Saturday the 26th of June 2021
Nature Photography Meetup - Stodmarsh National Nature Reserve - 9am - 2 hours
Join this meetup to learn how to use your camera settings to creatively capture nature in a visually interesting way.

Stodmarsh National Nature Reserve is home to a huge variety of wildlife; internationally-important reed beds, fens, ditches, wet grassland and open water provide an ideal habitat for breeding and wintering birds, invertebrates and rare plants.

This site is especially important for bittern, marsh harriers and the shining ramshorn snail, which are rare across Europe; as well as water voles, which are rare in England.

Weíll be looking at composition, focus and colour in this magic area!
Instructor: Eleanor Piper
£28pp     only 4 places left - requires 4 bookings to proceed
Sunday the 11th of July 2021
Dramatic Landscape Meetup - Samphire Hoe, Dover - 8 am - 2 hours
Samphire Hoe is a country park with outstanding scenery situated 3 km west of Dover, and the White Cliffs of Dover provide a beautiful backdrop for landscape photography.

The park is also home to a spectacular lighthouse and plenty of wildlife, including birds, butterflies, reptiles, and insects.

This meetup will focus on utilising composition, light, and depth of field to add drama to your landscapes.
Instructor: Eleanor Piper
£28pp     only 4 places left - requires 4 bookings to proceed
Sunday the 25th of July 2021
Beginners Photography Class - Folkestone Seafront - 9am - 3 hours
Learn how to capture beautiful landscapes in this beginners photography class!

This class is designed to teach you how to create meaningful composition, as well as using perspective, lighting, and focus to capture compelling landscape photographs.

Folkestone Harbour is a wonderful place to develop your photography skills with a huge variety of scenery, and you will be accompanied by a Folkestone native!
Instructor: Eleanor Piper
£48pp     only 6 places left - requires 3 bookings to proceed
Kirsty Ralfs
Kirsty Ralfs is a Pro Photographer living and working in Herne Bay . A keen member of Whitstable Photographic Group ,Kirsty is also a KCPA Premier Judge and member of the Judges Panel .
Holding the distinctions of LRPS ,QGP and ARPS Kirsty is also currently studying part time for a Photography Degree.
She has experience in teaching photography both on a one to one and group basis and is available for Zoom tuition
Upcoming Dates hosted by Kirsty Ralfs
Sunday the 23rd of May 2021
Landscape Photography Meetup - Coastal Compositions - Herne Bay - 10am - 2 hours
Settings: maximise the depth of field / use a narrow aperture. May need to take shutter speed down and ISO up a little.
Finding a spot that has a foreground and background interest. Think carefully about where you place your camera and tripod.
Take your time. Thereís no need to take hundreds of shots at this session, itís all about taking the time to see and record the landscape around you.
What is the sky doing? If itís bland and no contrast, then donít let it dominate your frame. It is always good to have a slice of sky so that it can help Ďbreak upí the composition in a good way - think rule of thirds.
Keep an eye on the horizon! Keep them level and watch where you are placing them in the frame - on one of the thirds is best.

We will be taking a photowalk in the surrounding area concentrating on adding drama and interest to the huge amount of subject matter, including wide vistas and close up work . Using available light to get the very best out of the area .Looking at how developing your own personal style to a well photographed subject matter can really make your work stand out.
full - no places left
Sunday the 13th of June 2021
Studio - High Key Flower portraits meetup - Herne Bay - 11am - 2hrs
Learn how to create beautiful high key flower portraits . This is a studio workshop where you will cover everything from appropriate subject matter ,staging and composition,lighting ,camera settings and post production .
Instructor: Kirsty Ralfs
£28pp     only 3 places left - requires 4 bookings to proceed
Sunday the 20th of June 2021
Beginners Photography Class - Herne Bay - 1pm - 3 hrs
Looking to improve your photography? Our Beginners Class is a great place to start. This 3 hour session is a photo walk that will have you weaned off of Auto mode, and transforming your everyday snaps into professional-looking shots.
Instructor: Kirsty Ralfs
£48pp     only 3 places left
Sunday the 1st of August 2021
Studio Dark Food - Herne Bay - 11am - 2hrs
A fun, informative studio session with a pro photographer and tutor. We will be covering a dark food studio set up and relevant post production.
Instructor: Kirsty Ralfs
£18pp     open - requires 4 bookings to proceed
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